Advertise with the White Pages

Listing Text Ads

Make sure your customers find your number by name or category of business offering

  • Business name, address, phone number
  • Add more phone numbers, Fax number, Website Address and E-mail

In– Column Text Ads

Larger text ads draw more attention!

  • Business name, address, phone number, Fax number, Website Address and E-mail
  • Lines available to add text to attract more customers

Display Ads

Pictures say it all!

  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Free Ad design
  • Include Logos, important business information, photos or artwork
  • Add colour to capture the attention of your customer
  • Optional admeter number to track your sales

Tip: use a QR code to extend your print advert into mobile

See our specialised products for:

  • Banner ads
  • Cover and spine adverts
  • Peel Offs
  • Logo and Bold text
  • Tabs & Perforated Tabs
  • Unique sections

Expand your market

Google adwords and Social media

Google Adwords

Let your customers, Google it! Then find your business

Get the most out of Google search through our Google partnership

Let our specialist Google team expand your advertising reach with their experience and advanced keyword software

Social media

Use the power of Word of Mouth advertising on social media.

Let Yellow pages get people talking about your business.

Run deals, display your products, open an F-commerce platform and gather the customers who talk about your business.

Have a specialized social media team connecting your business to new customers

Specialised products

Specialised Branding products

Stand out from the crowd! Yellow pages has an array of specialized products to connect your business to customers, along with branding benefits

Logo bolds

Use the power of your brand or draw attention with logo bolds in the White Pages or Yellow pages.

Add email address, website address or more numbers to increase the impact of your logo bold.

Print banners

White Pages Banner

Say more and draw more attention in the White Pages by using a top page banner

Tip: Add a QR code that links your call to action to a digital platform

Peel off banners

Be in the top right corner of the Yellow Pages or White Pages front cover. This position is great for branding and call to action campaigns.

Online banners

Draw attention and be seen first with online banners. Banners can be specified to area and category of business.

Run Off Site Banner

Found on the top right, the Run Off Site Banner is perfect for branding and drawing traffic from all searches on the Online Yellow Pages.

Tip: Banner click throughs can also be used to drive more customers to your website or specials

Yellow Category Area Banner

Situated above the Internet Yellow pages listings on the top right. Category banners are excellent for gathering more customers in your chosen areas of business

Ask your consultant about our banner combination packages

Yellow Pages Medium Rectangular Banner

Situated below the Map block on the right, use the Rectangular banner to increase branding and draw a potential customerÕs attention to your offerings.

Ask your consultant about our banner combination packages

Cover adverts

Be seen first and make an impression

Covers are fantastic for getting the immediate attention of a potential client. Covers provide an excellent opportunity for branding your products and services to a large area of people

Covers available in the White Pages and Yellow pages:

  • Front cover
  • Inside Front cover
  • Back cover
  • Inside back cover

Book Spine adverts

The best thing about the spine advertising is that potential customers are exposed to your ad all year round.

Use the space on the spine to advertise, contact details, branding, products and services.


Place an insert into the White Pages

Deals and coupons

Available in Social media, more coming soon

Medical and dental Section

The Medical and Dental section is specialized area of the White Pages for Medical and Dental practitioners to advertise their services. This section makes it easier for a potential customer to find them when needed.

Leisure pages

The leisure pages allow business in the tourism industry to advertise more directly to their target market in the areas that their clients come from.

QR codes

Link your print adverts to the digital world.

  • QR codes can be linked to:
  • Your mobile website
  • Your main website
  • A special
  • Contact information such as your phone number or email

Value add for banner adverts and medium to large display adverts

Advanced tracking products

Admetre for print ads

See how many calls were made from your adverts. Find out how many calls were made, how many were missed, from what numbers they came and how many were answered. Admetre even allows you to listen to the calls that were answered.

Electronic stats

Find out how many times a potential customer saw your ad and how many times they interacted with it.